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looking down concrete tunnel with low density cellular concrete
looking down a concrete tunnel with pipes

Low Density Cellular Concrete services are available for the production and placement by Pacific International Grout Company. Pacific International Grout Company has a vast library of these mixes, including performance data that provides critical data necessary to formulate mixes necessary for successful placement. The ability to place stable grout is accurately predicted and achieved with the hands-on experience of Pacific International Grout Company’s trained experts. Pacific International Grout Company’s people can predict what low density cellular concrete mix design can achieve ultimate results in the many adverse environments one might encounter. This knowledge is critical to the success of any project. Specialized equipment manufactured for this work ensures proper mixing and pumping.

Low density cellular concrete services provided by Pacific International Grout Company include state-of-the-art production equipment capable of producing over 300 cubic yards per hour and pumping distances over 20,000 feet (6 kilometers). Production plants incorporate high shear/high energy colloidal mixing, enabling the use of lower water cement ratios, resulting in higher compressive strength for virtually any geotechnical application.

In some cases, batch plants are available for lease or purchase. In addition, geotechnical services are available on a subcontract basis where Pacific International Grout Company provides “turn key” placement of low density cellular concrete.

Pacific International Grout Company’s cellular concrete services provide materials best suited for many types of application, including:

  • road base and bridge approach fill
  • tunnel backfill grouting
  • large component removal
  • tunnel boring support
  • slipliner grouting
  • pipeline abandonment
  • large diameter tunnels
  • tunnels with limited access
  • tightly scheduled projects
  • wet or dry tunnels
  • projects where net cost is an important consideration
  • situations which require energy absorbent backfill material.

Pacific International Grout Company can suggest an appropriate low density cellular concrete for your job and:

  • mixed from local materials readily available;
  • design effective systems to bulkhead the annular space between the existing pipe and the new liner;
  • supply grout mixing, pumping and support equipment capable of delivering the correct slurry for specific job conditions;
  • provide trained, experienced operators, technicians and supervisory personnel;
  • monitor all operations and mixes using state-of-the-art testing laboratories;
  • develop systems for placement and sizing of injection lines, flow control, and bulkhead interfaces; and
  • efficient handling of water in the annulus.

Low density cellular concrete is mixed for maximum flow properties so that gravity feed injection is possible while maintaining adequate compressive strength. Low density cellular concretes are non-bleeding and non-shrinking, to help prevent blockages, voids or other problems during pumping. These grouts are designed to eliminate segregation and can be mixed via transit or delivered dry. Densities can be adjusted on-site to accommodate differing job conditions such as fluidity, presence of ground water, compressive strength and void size.

Using low density cellular concrete will ensure long term results for lower costs than conventional construction methods.

Through innovation, quality, and integrity Pacific International Grout Company is the recognized leader for pioneering systems and procedures which solve problems associated with geotechnical grouting and low density cellular concrete requirements. Our commitment to all clients is centered on success. Pacific International Grout Company continues to develop practical solutions for the underground industry. Technology and initiative has allowed us to maintain leading edge contributions and will remain the catalyst for future development and success.

Low density cellular concrete is our specialty.